ETFO’s Summer Academy 2018 has come to a successful conclusion after 9 busy weeks of  hands-on and dynamic professional learning.  This year, there were over 1000 members registered for over 55 courses. Member feedback continues to indicate that ETFO courses provide engaging opportunities to learn and network face-to-face with colleagues in an enthusiastic and relaxed environment free from the pressures of their school and/or board agendas and mandates. Courses addressed a range of topics (e.g., Technology, Kindergarten, Classroom Management, the Arts, Social Justice and Equity, Special Education, Mathematics and many others). Media coverage across the province communicated clearly how devoted members are to pursuing their learning through ETFO's Summer Academy and bringing that learning back to the classroom for all students. Thanks to all the members, location managers, and presenters who participated in the program this year.  Be sure to check the ETFO website in May 2019 to find information about ETFO’s Summer Academy 2019!

  • Leila Desforges Sat, 23 Feb 2019 13:07:01 GMT

    I am looking for the Collective Bargaining Academy in March and it is not listed. The help button does nothing. Please help! Thank you 🙏🏻